EES Mystery Solvers!

Staff and families who signed into Zoom for our “Solving a Murder Mystery!” event back in November were drawn into a game of intrigue and deception that put their sleuthing skills to the test! Detectives mingled with movie stars, crazy cat people, mobsters and more in order to determine who was behind the dastardly plot […]

Early Education Online!

We’d like to give a shout-out to all of our teachers who, despite the need for social distancing, are still finding creative ways to reach out and stay connected with their students. Our teachers have all been bravely willing to venture beyond their comfort zones and the in-person teaching methods they are trained in and […]

Canal Street Car Parade!

On Thursday, May 28th, teachers from our Canal Street site dressed up their cars with balloons and messages for their students and got together to do a car parade! It was a wonderful opportunity for them to see the children and their families (even if only from a distance) and let them know they miss […]

EES Opens Essential Classroom!

EES has opened up an “Essential Classroom” to support families who are not able to work from home during the shutdown. Here are some photos from the class!

Response to COVID-19 Shutdown

In response to the COVID-19 shutdown, EES has been supporting families with special nutritional needs, formula, and infant food etc as needed. These and more have been provided at designated drop off sites around town. Family Support Specialists are on hand for any special needs not covered at these drop off sites. Some families may […]

Firefighter Visit!

This month, we welcomed local firefighters as they came on their annual visit to our Westminster and Canal Street sites to visit the children! The children got the opportunity to see real firefighting equipment up close and even try some on! They were able to witness firefighters putting on their outfits and equipment and learned […]

EES at the Kid’s Fair!

EES was at the River Valley Credit Union Kid’s Fair last Saturday, and it was nice to see so many of you there as well! Thank you for stopping by our table and chatting with us, we hope you enjoyed the beautiful day as much as we did!  

Canal’s New Garden!

Our Canal Street site now has a beautiful new garden space! Our facilities staff came over and built us a wonderful fence, and the teachers took it from there. We have a few green beans and some very tiny cucumbers so far, as well as a nice spot for drawing. Be sure to check it […]

Staff Retreat to Lake Morey!

After a busy first week of Pre-Service trainings, our staff took a day to retreat together to the beautiful Lake Morey Resort. Here we met to discuss the roll-out of our new Staff Wellness plan and take part in several engaging team building activities provided by the High 5 Adventure Learning Center. For the rest […]

Back to School Training!

Before bringing in the children for another year of the education that will prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond, our staff undergoes a two-week training period to refine our skills. Our Pre-Service weeks were packed with training sessions covering all manner of topics in emergency preparedness, safety, health and nutrition among other subjects.  Included in […]