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Latest News on the COVID-19 Shutdown:

EES is currently keeping open as many classrooms as possible. Family Support Specialists will be working with you to determine what dates will best work to return your child to the classroom. It is important to know that some teachers are not able to return to the classroom and the teachers that we do have on site are required to remain at home if they show any symptoms similar to those produced by COVID-19. Our ability to keep classrooms open is dependent upon our ability to sufficiently staff each classroom and this may change from day to day. There will be new health protocols in place which must be followed. You will all receive a copy of those guidelines prior to returning your child to the classroom. Please do contact our Executive Director should you have any questions or concerns at:  


COVID-19 Information – This is a link to the Vermont Health Department’s page with regularly updated and reliable information on the coronavirus in Vermont.

Board Letter to FamiliesFamilies, please read this letter from our Superintendent and the Windham Southeast School District Board regarding the Coronavirus and social distancing.

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Special Events: No events for now, stay home and stay healthy everyone!    

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