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Vermont Department of Health
(VDH has a variety of programs to support families. Specifically, the VDH website has a lot of information on taking care of your baby or young child.)
VDH Brattleboro District Office Info


Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Birthing Center
(In addition to supporting families during the birthing process, the birthing center offers prenatal and postpartum classes/support groups for expecting and new parents including: Lamaze, Healthy Baby Programs and the New Moms Network.
Contact: 802-257-8226 and


Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)
Early Intervention-provides support to children 0-3, with a developmental delay, and their families (Winston Prouty)
Nursing- support during pregnancy and with children up to age 5 and their families (Winston Prouty)
Early Childhood & Family Mental Health- support for children and their families up to age 6 (HCRS)
Contact: 802-258-2414 or 802-254-6028 or


Department of Vermont Health Access
This is who you need to contact if you have questions about health insurance options.


Health Care and Rehabilitation Services (HCRS)
provides a variety of mental health services for adults and children.



**Additional health-related links and PDFs (many of them are on the VDH website as well):



Breastfeeding  and How long should I breastfeed?Breastfeeding Resources

Formula Feeding

Introducing solids, etc.:

6-12 months (Learning to eatFruits & Vegetables)

Toddlers 1-2 (What to expectHappy mealtimesVegetablesFruits)

Preschoolers 3-4  (Learning & growingFamily mealsVegetables & Fruits)

Obesity Prevention


Oral (Dental) Health: 

Dentists who take Medicaid for children and adults

A Healthy Mouth for Your Baby bookletmore info at

EES dental clinic for children 0-3


Second Hand Smoke:

EPA secondhand smoke brochure

Vermont Secondhand Smoke Law



Safe Sleep


Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma

Your Child’s Lead Test

Postpartum Support International (support and info for families with infants–this can be an overwhelming and difficult time! )