What’s New at EES?

A little boy holds a firefighter hat on his head backwards against a background of fire. The text around him reads: "See a fire? Quick! Call WEHS!" Do you want to know what to do if there’s a fire? Just ask the kids at Westminster Early Head Start! During Fire Prevention Week they got a special visit from Brad, the father of one of the preschoolers, and a real life firefighter! Brad visited all four Westminster classrooms with different presentations geared toward each age group.

Brad spoke to the children about the importance of not hiding from firefighters and staying low to the ground to avoid smoke.
He put on his firefighter gear so that the children would know what he looked like and he told them to not be scared. He invited the children to come up and touch him and most of them did.
Brad told the children that he sounds like Darth Vader with the mask on. Pretty cool! Each child got to take home a bag full of fire prevention stickers, bracelets, a hat, and a booklet on fire safety. Brad even left four hats for the classroom, which the kids really enjoy trying on! 10/25/2017



A little girl smiles excitedly at the camera while standing on top of a slide in our new playground. The text around her reads: "the verdict is in: our new playground's a hit!" Last week the Birge Nest re-opened its second playground, and eager youngsters poured in to try it out. The new playground features brand new rubber mulch, a pair of play structures for climbing and sliding, a row of tree stumps for climbing and other exploration, and a sandy play area encircled by a track to run around. There is also a long black tube that you can speak into and hear your buddy respond from the other end, and more! 10/6/2017