Fun things to do with Young Children for free or low cost

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Groups & Playgroups

A list of local playgroups and other groups!

A little girl wearing a flowered dress and a paper headband with teddy bear ears takes a bite out of a cookie at one of the Teddy Bear Teas.

Teddy Bear Teas

Take part in the Teddy Bear Teas at local schools each May!


EES Playgroups

Locations and times for our weekly EES playgroups!


Public Libraries

Libraries often have storytimes and other fun family-related events

Going Places with Children

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Factory Tours

Opportunities to see how some of your favorite local goods are made!

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Let's go to the farm! Visit and support local farms in our area.

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Fish Ladders

Opportunities to observe fish as they make their way upriver.

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Environmental and horticultural learning experiences for all ages

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Opportunities to learn about and appreciate science, history, art and more!

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State Parks

You can find information on all Vermont state parks by calling (888) 409-7579 or visiting

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Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Places where you can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle into beautiful vistas on the Connecticut River

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Ponds & Reservoirs

Scenic waterbodies to visit and observe wildlife and in some cases fish or swim

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(See State Parks for other camping opportunities)

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(See State Parks for additional hiking)

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PYO Farm Stands

Pick apples, berries, pumpkins, and more!

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Train Tour

Ride the rails through scenic Vermont!

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Just for Fun

An assortment of nearby fun activities and places to visit!