Policy Council and the Brattleboro Town School Board share the governance of EES’ Head Start and Early Head Start programming.  Policy Council membership is composed of at least 51% current parents in the program and 49% community representatives.


Still image of the Brattleboro Town School Board from a December 20, 2017 meeting.


The Brattleboro Town School Board (BTSB), an arm of the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union, is the designated Head Start/Early Head Start grantee for Early Education Services, (EES) which provides services to Windham County Families.  In accordance with federal Head Start regulations, BTSB is responsible for the governance of EES, in partnership with Policy Council.  Five community members serve on BTSB, with one member also serving on EES’ Policy Council.  This appointed Policy Council set ensures solid communication and positive working relationships with the two groups.  You can read more about the BTSB at


Smiling Policy Council members meet in Westminster.


 Each Parent Committee elects one voting and one alternate Policy Council representative. Community Representatives include one School Board Member and community members who bring a specific area of expertise to the Council. We particularly seek community representatives from the legal, financial and early childhood professions. Membership is for one year (November–October). Representatives can be re-elected and are able to serve up to 3 one-year terms, which do not have to be in succession. Meetings are currently held the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Policy Council Minutes

Currently, our Policy Council is composed of the following members:


  • Alexis Duquette, Chairperson                    
  • Kendra Dias, Treasurer
  • Monique Martin
  • Jerry Downing


  • Conor Floyd (Food Connects)
  • Molly Oglesby (WNESU Early Childhood Coordinator)