Be Seat Smart Program: Provides information on car seat safety and locations of car seat fitting stations. Our local fitting stations are:
Just So Pediatrics– 251-8626
Auto Mall– 257-5100 


Northern New England Poison Center (NNEPC): (help for poison emergencies, prevention questions and medication safety through phone support and educational materials) 
Home Safety Checklist
Poisonous Plants
Orajel/Anbesol Safety


Vermont Department for Children and Families:: includes many programs for children and families including child safety and protection.

  • Contact to report abuse/neglect: 1-800-649-5285 for more info.


Safe Kids Worldwide: (An organization that focuses on all aspects of child safety)
Safe kids toy safety
Water safety at home
Water safety in open water


Women’s Freedom Center: (A safe supportive space for all survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.)
Additional Information from the Women’s Freedom Center

  • Contact: 802-254-6954