EES Mystery Solvers!

Solving a Murder Mystery!
Staff and families who signed into Zoom for our “Solving a Murder Mystery!” event back in November were drawn into a game of intrigue and deception that put their sleuthing skills to the test!
Detectives mingled with movie stars, crazy cat people, mobsters and more in order to determine who was behind the dastardly plot that brought us all together in the virtual manor of “R.I.P.”.
This event was hosted by the Murder Mystery Company, whose professional actors guided our participants through the investigation of clues that would bring us closer to determining the identity of the game’s antagonist. Many staff and parents took on the roles of the suspicious characters in the game’s story, not knowing which character would later be revealed to be the villain of the evening.
Thank you so much to everyone who joined us to share in this fun event. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and that we may all be able to come together for more amusing staff & family activities soon.
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