Early Education Online!

a heart shape containing images of our teachers

We’d like to give a shout-out to all of our teachers who, despite the need for social distancing, are still finding creative ways to reach out and stay connected with their students. Our teachers have all been bravely willing to venture beyond their comfort zones and the in-person teaching methods they are trained in and familiar with in favor of a new virtual classroom experience. We now have individual Facebook groups for each Head Start and Early Head Start center which are abuzz daily with new videos and other messages from teachers to their students. Storytimes, songs, circle time meetings, and plenty of outdoor and indoor activities exploring different themes are all featured in these groups for families to view and participate in as many times as they wish.

Other staff have also transitioned to providing support for families in this new virtual space. Most of our staff are working remotely and still accessible to families through such methods as email, phone and video conference. Family Support Specialists also have a dedicated Facebook group in which they are posting helpful resources and are regularly available to address family needs. Although Dedicated Dads has suspended in-person meetings for the time being, dads can get individual support by contacting Tyler Boone at tboone@wsesdvt.org.

Want to try out some favorite classroom recipes? Our Nutritionist, Chris Ellis, has created a series of cooking videos providing instruction and helpful tips and advice! These are available to view on our new YouTube channel!

The following video was created to commemorate all of the hard work and dedication that our team of educators and staff have poured into being there for families during this ongoing pandemic.  They have all gone above and beyond in their efforts to restructure and adapt to meet this unexpected challenge. We are so proud to work beside so many generous and caring professionals who consistently inspire us with their unrelenting commitment to early education.

Please join us in celebrating them and thanking them for all that they are doing and continue to do for our children and families!


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