Thank You Jean!

Jean poses in the center of this photo with a family and their baby in a berry hat!
Many of you know or have taken part in our Welcome Baby Program, which provides families with babies/young children with valuable information on child development, health and safety as well as connections to area resources. One of the program’s most recognizable features however is the signature berry hat that comes in the Welcome Baby bags that families receive. These hats come courtesy of Jean Hanson, who has been knitting them for the program for about 21 years!
Jean knows the pattern to these hats inside and out, and could probably knit them with her eyes closed. That’s what happens when you knit 100-200 hats each year!  So we would like to give a special shout-out to Jean Hanson, keeping little heads warm since 1997!
If any of you out there are proud Welcome Baby “alums” who once sported one of Jean’s fabulous berry hats, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send us a message for Jean or even a photo with your hat! Owners of truly vintage Jean Hanson berry hats may also still have a note inside with the story of where Jean was when she made your hat. Let’s see if any of these time-capsules resurface!
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